Friends who dance together, eat together. On Friday night.

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At Daybreaker, we love to dance, eat, and get together with good friends. So it made perfect sense to launch TableMakers, in partnership with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, to take our community from the dance floor to the dinner table. If you’ve been to two or more Daybreaker events, you’re eligible to apply for a micro grant to host a Friday night dinner for you and your friends.

How it works: You design, cook and host a dinner party with intention, intelligence and ingenuity. We cover the groceries and provide you with a dinner kit to set the mood and the table. It’s more than a meal: it’s an experience of the same mindfulness, love and mischief that Daybreaker is all about.

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation believes in the power of young adults to ignite positive change for themselves and the broader world.

Here's what you get...

  • $250 dinner micro grant to host your soiree

    Create a Friday night dinner experience with intention.

  • Dinner starter kit

    We’ll give you a roadmap to an amazing dinner party, complete with playlists, intention cards, and more to bring Daybreaker to the table.

  • Be featured on Morning Mischief & FB

    Write a blog post about your dinner, include photos & video, and each month, one host will be featured on our Morning Mischief blog and the Daybreaker Facebook Page.

Set the table

Become a host. Invite your friends. Dinner's on us.

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