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April 8, 2018
Edition 59: 💌 5 Ways Dancing Heals Emotional Wounds, from a “non-dancer”

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy Sunday, Daybreaker Fam!

What. a. week. We danced at The Renwick (a branch of the Smithsonian) to kick off their newest exhibit, “No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man.” It was lit (pun intended).🔥What an honor to be part of such a special moment in time.

Then, yesterday, we danced on top of the highest skyscraper in all of Philadelphia (and look fam, we made the news!) It’s been truly incredible watching how quickly our newest members of the fam have taken to the dance floor. Keep saying yes, Philly. You’re inspiration for our future fam in Stockholm.😉 Oh yesh, that was us letting the cat out of the bag. 😻 Meow. Mark your calendars for May 30th; we’re launching in Stockholm (and we’ve got some major plans for this one)! So if you have any Swedes in your life, make sure they’ve joined the Daybreaker Sweden Facebook Group — we’ll be announcing tix there first! It’s going to be epic.

But first! Our Daybreaker CAMPUS tour continues. This month, we’re taking a wellness experience unlike any other to UPENN, Penn State, University of Minnesota and Rochester Institute of Technology. So if you know any future wellness leaders at any of these schools, spread the word!

All right fam. Below we’ve got an unlikely dance floor tale that gives our hearts the tingles. If you have one to share, email us at morningmischief@daybreaker.com. 💌

Then keep scrolling for community noodles, upcoming events and your Sunday playlist. 🎧

Sending love.❤️Enjoy…

With love & mischief,
// Team Daybreaker


I was born on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans, 53 years ago. I’m a Hugger. Yes Hugger — that’s my volunteer gig with Daybreaker SF, and it’s been an absolute joy.

Im a 6’6 inch tall 53 yr old black man who has found himself heading to a 6am yoga class and dance party, once a month… to hug people.🤗 I have to say, sounds a little out there. But, as I’ve found out over the past two years, being a hugger for Daybreaker SF is way more fun then I could have imagined.

The reactions are all so different, but in that moment, just as someone is first entering the Daybreaker experience, I’m given an opportunity to open someone’s eyes to a beautiful day ahead. I can only hope that the hugs I give fills them with happiness and joy, opening their heart to the love of community.❤️As the flower children of the ’60s spread love with hugs and flowers, I can only hope that my hugs make our community feel loved also.

My journey has been a challenging one. I’ve had to be strong through 2 months in a coma, then 12 surgeries to date. 5 hip replacements, both shoulders replaced, the right knee replaced so far, 2 neck surgeries and one month ago double back surgery with more to come.  So, for me this hugging gig is sheer freakin’ fun. The undeniable damn good time being around all the energetic young movers and shakers of today has no words. These young people have not only opened their arms to me for a hug, but have given me a spark of energy to always keep on keeping on.

To all of you that have not experienced a Daybreaker SF event, check it out because you’re missing out. Many blessings!✨

// With love & mischief,

5 Ways Dancing Heals Emotional Wounds — from a “Non-Dancer”

By Rebecca Kerzner

I was never a dancer. I used to tell people “Oh I can only do that after having at least two mixed drinks.” Something about moving my body like that made me feel awkward, and I’d usually just copy all the moves around me until the person noticed. I had a perception that you could only be a dancer if you had danced your whole life or you took lessons. Because I didn’t “dance” by my slim definition, I simply just never tried. 🤷

But after a while, the partying scene wasn’t fulfilling me, and I wanted something more, so I finally decided to shut up that voice in my head that I wasn’t a “dancer.” Because YOLO! I just picked myself up and said You know what? Yonce’ does it, why can’t I? I like doing it, so I’m just going to do it. And that was it!  At first, I was a tad unsure but then I looked around and saw everyone else doing it and smiling so I smiled too. I unleashed my dancing wings and without realizing it, I was doing it. And I was having SO. MUCH. FUN. 💃🏻

So I guess the main thing I learned was that to be a dancer, all you need to do is dance. Easy as pie, huh?

But what did I learn from finally letting go? And how did it heal me? I’ve got not 1, not 2, not 3, but FIVE reasons: 🥁

// Can’t touch this!

Dancing makes you feel independent and strong because it is just an experience with yourself. Nobody has a say in how and when you dance, so you can really forget about everything else and just focus on the star of the show, YOU! 🤗

// Music is the language of the soul. 🎶

Ever get that feeling when you’re listening to a song and think “OMG this song is about me?” I know, me too. Sometimes, music speaks to us in a way that nobody else can. The lyrics understand you and fuel you to keep on keeping on.

// Energy is contagious.

When you’re dancing in a crowd and everybody is really feeling the music, the atmosphere is exciting and you can really feel the good vibes spreading throughout the whole space.✨

// All about the ZONE. 🙏

Dancing is essentially a moving meditation. So when you lose yourself in your cha-chaing, two steppin’, and booty shaking, you express yourself externally with your body. You give your body a voice , and you feel hella good while doing it, which is always a plus.

// Twerk out for the workout, FTW.

An oldie but a goodie, dancing is also great exercise and releases happy chemicals that change your mood. So the harder you dance, the happier you feel. You just can’t control it!

So obvi, not everyone can dance like Dancing with the Stars…

But every single person can move their bodies, get a little jiggy with it, and feel free. ✌️

Take it from me, an ex non-dancer who learned to let go, truly and deeply, and lifted herself.


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