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May 27, 2018
Edition 66: Hello from Stockholm ✈️ + Find our why Kerri got a Daybreaker TATTOO!! 🤘

“The most fearless thing we can do is keep showing up with love and grace and joy in our real, right-now lives.”

– Sarah Bessey

Happy Sunday, Fam! 💕

Hellloooo from Stockholm! Our HQ team is here in the capital of Sweden for our annual team trip to support our Scandinavian launch; we have descended upon the city to bring some international love and mischief. Our Airbnb is right in the middle of town, and it’s been truly a gift to see the city through the eyes of our magical Community Catalyst, Anna, who lives just a few blocks away. One of the best things about our global community is that we have friends in 23 cities around the world. FIND EACH OTHER! That’s the whole point! To meet other wild unicorns 🦄 who are down to wake up at the crack of dawn, dressed in glitter to dance with reckless abandon.

We also teamed up with Reebok and Zalando for this launch to make it even more epic! 🙏 #community — If you have friends in Sweden who you know would love this, please spread the word! Our community grows through word of mouth. This week’s event is sold out already (over 900 RSVPs — cray cray!), buuut we’ll be dancing every month or two in Stockholm from here. on. out. Lezzgo.

Oh! In other mischievous news, we have our second ever Daybreaker tattoo! Ahhh!! Keep on scrolling to check out Kerri’s full story along with our upcoming community events, our playlist and noodles for how to make today feel even more awesome.

Feeling very grateful for this magical community as we reflect together here in Stockholm. 👇


Wish you were all here!! There will be a moment in time soon where all of our cities will meet each other for the first time. Stay tuned. 🔥 😉

Let’s keep on dancing and see you on the dance floor very soon.

With endless love & mischief,
// Team Daybreaker



During the fall of 2015, Daybreaker finally came to Boston. My life instantly changed. I had never before been to anything so important, wonderful and inspiring. Unless you go to experience it in real life, you realize you just can’t quite put it into words properly. There’s nothing quite like this feeling. The thing I DO remember most is leaving so whole-heartedly filled up, happy and joyful. 💕

I’ve been told that you always remember the first time you fall in love. This I believe, is true. I remember falling in love early on that October morning with Daybreaker.  And I fell in love hard.

When I talk about the events to my friends and they ask what my favorite one has been, I can’t choose. The broken floor at the House of Blues from our jumping group hug. 😂 The view of sunrise during our boat cruises. Screaming for joy at the top of my lungs at the end of our first Sundaybreaker. Feeling so inspired to go conquer the world with love. Blowing up, by mouth, what had to be 200 balloons for a big “Wow Moment” at the first holiday Quincy Market morning. Showing Boston how we wake up in the summer (not once, but twice!) outside on City Hall Plaza. Doing jazzercise in City Hall Plaza. And then there is the most iconic place in all of Boston… Fenway Park.

All of these moments and places are just a fraction of what inspires and fuels me and my love.

Sooo, after the last Daybreaker inside Boston’s Fenway Park, I went and had myself forever branded with our logo. The memories tied to the sunrise logo are so deep and meaningful to me that I felt I had to not only carry them in my heart and mind but show them off.  So after not sleeping for 30+ hours, and helping at Fenway with a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and then dancing and loving life to the fullest — I went and got my first Daybreaker tattoo.  I chose this day to get my newest ink because I always leave Daybreaker feeling like I can take on anything. This feeling is so fantastic, I knew I had to do my tattoo then. It completed what was already the most perfect morning. ☀️

It’s like that line in the Daybreaker Anthem that talks about choosing to be happy. When I look at my tattoo, it reminds me that I choose to be happy. And Daybreaker makes me happy.

To all the people I’ve met, the places we’ve danced in Boston, the moments that make everything so grand, and a community both locally and worldwide that is so unique and special — I thank you for helping me find the best version of myself.

Oh and if anyone ever finds themselves at a Boston event come find me, I’m the girl, setting up all the bevs and snacks. 😉

With love & mischief,
// Kerri




Here are a few things to consider throughout the day to spruce up your personal level of “feel good.” Consider it a spring cleaning for the soul that’s 100% backed by research.

😃 Smile! Because “when you’re smiling, when you’re smiling…”

… it’s an indicator that you might live longer.

A study looked at baseball cards from the early 1950s and coded whether players were smiling or not. The results? Smiling predicted a longer life, significantly so in a statistical sense as well as in a practical sense. Keep in mind, it can’t be said that the the actual smile itself led to a longer life BUT, it was an indicator or marker of factors that did. (thanks for this one, Dr. Christopher Peterson!)

✅ Conduct a personal “Small Success Review”…. or ten

According to studies, 50% of self confidence is genuine — the rest is up to you to nurture!

Author Meg Selig, suggests daily “small success reviews” which are 3 minute processes where you write down a list of “small wins” — anything you can cram into 3 mins or less. Ideas to include💡: you made time to exercise, you made a good decision, you got an idea about how to move your life forward in some way…

The good news? There’s an infinite number of things to feel good about today.

💃 Dance (of course!) but pay attention to your breath and thoughts while you do it

The combination of breath, movement and a positive affirmation is the perfect recipe for paving new positive neural pathways.

Breath + Brain Fun Fact: the diaphragm is the only part of the body that controls our brains (otherwise, the brain controls the body). So if we focus on the breath while we’re thinking positive affirmations, we are subconsciously priming our brain to open up these new pathways as suggested by our positive affirmations (over time of course!).

Dance Fun Fact: movement makes us much more vulnerable and receptive to positive thinking. It releases the D and O of the Daybreaker D.O.S.E (dopamine and serotonin) in the brain when we dance. Focusing on the breath enhances this process, helping speed up the creation of new neural pathways.

SO: breath + positive affirmation + dance = you’re GOLDEN.

Have fun with this. ✌️😎





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